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We know how it gets difficult to keep track of important tasks, projects and discussions. We feel your pain when you are lost in email threads or find it difficult to separate private and work chats in your messengers. We know that sometimes project and task management tools get way too complicated.

We invite you to upgrade your productivity with Togezzer!

Togezzer is a next gen mobile-first collaboration platform built for any member of an organization. We help leaders and their teams to get more organized and reach goals in a more effective way.

Togezzer is a secure digital workspace that integrates:

  • chats: private or groups
  • cards for tasks or ideas
  • boards to help visualize and customize your workflow
  • people’s profiles to know more about your colleagues
  • drafts for any unshaped thoughts you can later turn into a task card
  • favourites for saving important cards
  • mentions to make sure the person gets notified when needed

Owner’s dashboard also features organigramme, statistics, performance tracker and personal recommendations on how to upgrade the processes.

Togezzer supports

  • any kind of networks, hierarchy, circles, matrix, hybrid networks, or even stage of evolution between them
  • all kinds of communication inside the organization: task, project, request, decision, authorizations, feedback or votes

Togezzer works on both iOS and Android devices. You can also use it on any computer or tablets in your browser via app.togezzer.net.

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